Monday, April 09, 2007

Pictures for April 9 2007

Sorry we have not been posting more pictures lately. I fixed the comments so anyone and everyone can comment. Feel free to comment away!

Anji took these great shots.

Spring moments 004

Spring moments 001

Spring moments 003


Anonymous said...

I happen to think that this is the cutest baby I have ever seen. Not only is he cute, he is VERY smart. He is so happy in his role as being a BIG part of Greg and Anji's life!!! I really don't think I have any more love to give to a litle one. That makes sense, because I'm his Grandy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg and Anji,
I love to see your sweet Joaquin growing up. Keep up the good postings! such a handsome fellow.
With love rachel

hama eileen said...

I love looking at my boy, whenever I miss him, I can always see him! He is so cute and so special because he is the son of my wonderful daughter and her very great husband! Grandma loves you, Joaquin!